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  1. Top FAQs 

    1. How do I delete my account?
    2. How can I switch to the new website builder?
    3. How do I contact The Knot Customer Service team?
    4. How do I remove my Registry or Wedding Website from Google?
    5. Who do I contact about my order from The Knot Shop?
  2. Contact The Knot 

    1. Contact The Knot: Couple Services
    2. Contact The Knot: Vendor Services
    3. Contact The Knot: Press, Investor Relations, Sales, Job Applicants
    4. Contact The Knot: The Knot Shop
  3. Wedding Websites 

    1. I can’t edit/access my wedding website
    2. How do I switch from the old Wedding Website tool to the new one?
    3. Remove your Wedding Website from Search Engines
    4. Add a PIN Code to secure your Wedding Webiste
    5. Switch from Old to New Wedding Website Builder
  4. Old Checklist is moving to our New Checklist tool 

    1. Why are you taking my Checklist away from me!?
    2. Will my checklist progress (notes, custom checklist items, etc) be imported into the new version checklist if I switch?
    3. Does the new version of checklist have all the same features as the old version of the checklist?
    4. How do I know if I’m using the new version or the old version of the Checklist?
  5. Guest List Manager 

    1. Set up your Guest List on your Wedding Website
    2. What is the Guest List Manager?
    3. Where can I find my Guest List page?
    4. Create your Guest List
    5. Delete Guests from your Guest List
  6. Registry 

    1. Add New Registry to Website
    2. Add existing Registry to my website
    3. What is a Registry Profile?
    4. Remove Your Registry from The Knot Search and Search Engines
    5. Remove a Wedding Registry that doesn't belong to you
  7. Membership 

    1. Delete your Account on The Knot
    2. Change your Email Address
    3. What is Membership?
    4. Contact Us: Login/Reset Password Issues
    5. Where can I find My Membership Settings?
  8. Writing a Vendor Review 

    1. What are The Knot review guidelines?
    2. Who can post reviews on
    3. How do I write a review?
    4. How do I edit one of my reviews?
    5. How do I report a business owner comment?
  9. Local Vendors & Advertisers 

    1. What are Local Vendors?
    2. Write a Vendor Review
    3. Find Local Vendors Near You
    4. I'm a current advertiser. How can I update my listing?
    5. I have a business and would love to have a listing on
  10. Wedding Checklist 

    1. Wedding Checklist: Old vs. New Website
    2. What is a Wedding Checklist?
    3. Where can I find my Wedding Checklist?
    4. Edit your Wedding Checklist
    5. Share your Wedding Checklist
  11. Budgeter 

    1. Budgeter: Old vs. New Website
    2. Where can I find my Budgeter?
    3. Start your Budget
    4. Edit Items in your Budget
    5. Edit your Total Budget
  12. Venue Concierge 

    1. Why should I use Venue Concierge?
    2. How does Venue Concierge work?
    3. How does a venue make the cut to be part of Venue Concierge?
    4. Is Venue Concierge really free? How can that be?
    5. Will the final cost of my venue be higher if I use Venue Concierge?
  13. Real Weddings & Two Bright Lights 

    1. Why can't I link to my storefront from Real Weddings?
    2. How can I create a vendor storefront on The Knot?
    3. My vendor name is linking to the wrong storefront.
    4. I don't understand the email I received from Two Bright Lights.
    5. Submit your Photos for Real Weddings
  14. Favorites & Boards 

    1. What are Inspiration Boards?
    2. What are Favorites?
    3. Where can I find my Favorites?
    4. Add Items to your Favorites
    5. Share your Favorites
  15. Jetaport & The Knot 

    1. What is The Knot Hotel Room Blocks powered by Jetaport?
    2. Why should I use Jetaport?
    3. What's a group hotel booking/hotel room block?
    4. What's a rate request?
    5. What is the cancellation policy for group bookings?
  16. The Knot Shop 

    1. What is The Knot Shop?
    2. How can I place an order or check on my order at The Knot Shop?
  17. General 

    1. What is The Knot?
    2. What is My Knot Dashboard?
    3. Where is The Knot Blog?
    4. What is Advice + Etiquette?
    5. What are Real Weddings?
  18. All articles 

    1. Delete your Account on The Knot
    2. What is The Knot Shop?
    3. Modify or Add Budget Items
    4. Wedding Checklist: Old vs. New Website
    5. Modify or Add to Checklist To-Dos

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