How Can I Add a Registry to My Account on The Bump?

Once your registries have been started with your chosen retailers, they should be automatically synced with your account on The Bump within 24-72 hours. This process varies for each retailer, so some may take longer than others.

If your registry has not synced in a timely manner, the first thing we recommend is that you double-check your privacy settings with each retailer. Your registry needs to be set as public, with permission to be shared with The Bump.

We've recently made some changes to The Bump Baby Registry that have affected how you can view your registry details going forward. To make it easier to use, we are in the process of eliminating the “registrant-view” of your registry page and consolidating it into the “gifter-view.” As a result of these changes, your registry will no longer be visible through the app or the registry section of the website that you're used to using. 

Through August 1, 2017, you can still manually add any of your registries to your Bump registry page. As long as your retailer is part of our network, the individual items will be displayed fully - whether automatically or manually synced. If you would like to add a specialty retailer (Etsy, hometown boutique, etc...), you can add them manually but the items will not be individually displayed. We will, however, add a link that allows your friends and family to easily access their site from ours.

To add a registry manually, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account on The Bump
2. Visit this direct link:
3. Here, you'll have two options to adding your existing registries -- Search by Name or Add Manually: 
If you're adding a specialty retailer, or if your registry is not found through the Search option,
you'll want to use the Add Registries Manually option
4. Enter the name of your registry (ex: Amazon Baby, Etsy) and the URL of your registry page
5. Then click the Add button

To locate the unique link for your registry page, visit

If you have any issues with this process or would like further assistance, please contact our team at

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